Getwear quality

Getwear —Hand crafted premium jeans that are impossible to recreate in mass production. We ensure durability with top of the line fabrics, strong seams and high quality buttons and rivets. On top of that, each pair can be customized to your design.


Getwear jeans are only made with the highest quality premium denim, produced with an exclusive use of the diagonal “serge” weave . Due to the use of all natural cotton (with some spandex for slimmer fits) jeans ventilate and withstand abrasion really well. These fabrics guarantee that our jeans can last in any environment from the office to Mt. Everest.

“Flat Felled,”
Durable Seams

Most mass produced jeans only stitch major seams twice but Getwear seams are “flat felled” with three lines of stitching. To produce “flat felled” seams pieces of fabric are stitched together and then folded and stitched twice more with a single needle machine. “Flat felled” seams not only look nice but are extremely durable.

It takes two to three times more thread to produce a Getwear pair of jeans than to make the average American pair of designer jeans.

The inseam of jeans is typically the seam that experiences the most wear and tear. High quality mass produced designer jeans use a chain-stitch inseam, which can easily rip, but Getwear jeans have a triple lock-stitched flat felled inseam making them virtually impossible to rip.

Average inseam

Inside and outside view. Takes 2 minutes to stitch. Rips when the thread is broken.

Getwear inseam

Inside and outside view. Takes 10 minutes to stitch. Almost impossible to rip!

Reinforced Waistband

Getwear jeans have a waistband that is reinforced with the insertion of two layers of interlining fabric, giving the belt the stiffness and rigidity required for a perfect fit. A vast majority of jeans lack this reinforced waist, which explains why normally the waistband stretches easily and jeans loosen after only a week of wear. This is not true for Getwear jeans, which hold their fit no matter the wear.   

It takes thirty minutes just to make the Getwear jeans waistband, whereas it takes 45 minutes to an hour to produce an entire pair of American brand jeans. For every 2 pairs of such jeans produced, Getwear only handcrafts 3 waistbands.

Attention to detail

Thick, long lasting threads, and a high stitch count
Unique pocket fabric
Thick, natural leather label
Belt loops securely attached on a high frequency bar tack machine

Buttons and rivets

of Distresses

In men’s styles, Getwear offers customizable decorative distressed areas and holes with interlining fabric. The interlining fabric is used to avoid further ripping, keep in warmth, and keep leg hair invisible. For women we offer decorative distressed areas and holes but without the interlining fabric to match the current style trends.

Custom fit
or standard size

Getwear is produced based upon standard size or custom fit. With little effort, it takes less than five minutes to record your measurements, you can have a pair of custom jeans that fit perfectly.


Getwear patterns are designed with movement in mind, even the slim fit style allows for a wide range of movement. Our jeans are comfortable when you walk, run, sit, stand or jump in them. They not only look great but feel amazing on.


Getwear jeans are made according to your design and measurements. Uniqueness is guaranteed!

Exchange if not satisfied

If your custom jeans are not perfect exchange them free of charge for another pair or get a complete refund.

Free shipping

Worldwide on all orders with registered airmail. Expedited shipping for 20 (10 if the order total is more than 150). Jeans take two weeks to produce.

We care

E-mail: or mention @Getwear on Twitter. We’re happy to answer any questions.

Kevin Pifko

I just want to thank everyone at Getwear for my custom fitted jeans. Also I want to give a special thanks to customer service for answering all my questions very quickly. I will definitely order more. Kevin Pifko