Printable measuring tape

Following our instructions you can make a tape measure in the comfort of your home, not sacrificing accuracy.

For that you’ll need:

  • creative mood,
  • printer,
  • two Letter or A4 paper sheets,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive tape or a stapler.

 1.Print PDF

Open and print this file:


Make sure the page will be printed in 100% scale. Disable all scaling options like fit to page, center etc.

In Chrome just the “Fit to page” box shall be unchecked

 2.Check scale measuring a paper sheet

Letter sized paper should measure 215.9 millimeters by the smallest side. A4 sized paper should measure 210 mm. If you don’t get these results go the previous step and try other print settings.

 3.Cut and bind the tape

Tape measure is ready! We’ll check your measurements before the start of production and contact you in case if something seems wrong.

In case if the jeans won’t fit we’ll replace them for free!

Kevin Pifko

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